Manitoba's official opposition party is calling on the PC government to protect health care facilities.

The NDP has put forward a bill today in the legislature to see buffer zones around hospitals and personal care homes to prevent healthcare workers from being subjected to protests.

The party's leader, Wab Kinew, says we all know where this is coming from,

"So my colleague Nahanni Fontaine introduced a bill today that would create a buffer zone around health care facilities, and we all know where this is coming from. We saw those really disturbing anti-vax protests taking place and really causing chaos around hospitals, including right here in Manitoba; nobody wants to see that. First of all, I think everyone should get vaccinated, but if you do have to protest against lifesaving vaccinations, then please don't do that at a hospital, please don't do that in a way that is going to harass patients or nurses or doctors, and we think the government has to go and take action now."

Kinew says he is hopeful that the government will support this bill to help keep Manitobans safe.