The Association representing the University of Manitoba Faculty (UMFA) says that they want salaries more in line with other universities in the country.

So much so, they're willing to strike to get what they say is only fair.

UMFA President Orvie Dingwall expressed frustration with the situation,

"The University of Manitoba Faculty Association has been bargaining with the university since August 5th of this year, but the crux of the current issue is our negations on salary. We have had our wages frozen since 2016 and have had the government interfering in our bargaining since then, and this is really the first opportunity we've had to try to freely and fairly negotiate on salaries."

She went on to preach the importance of job and education security,

"Our members want to provide stability for students, we know it's been very hard on them being at university virtually during the pandemic, and we're calling on administration to come to the bargaining table with a reasonable offer so that students can continue their term and their year uninterrupted."

UMFA's president says the two sides met earlier this week and will continue talks today,

"It's always a good sign when the bargaining teams are at the table. UMFA is certainly committed to reaching a deal before we have to take a strike vote. UMFA is really committed to keeping students in their classes and hopes that the administration is as well."

Lastly, Dingwall shared an impactful message about the union not wanting to see students and their education suffer from these negations,

"We know they're the future of our province; they're our future nurses and doctors, economists, musicians and engineers. All the people that are going to help us come out of this pandemic and to provide a stable economy and a vibrant Manitoba going forward."

The union authorized a strike vote on Wednesday.

And unless both sides come to an agreement prior to the vote, it will take place from October 16th to 18th, with results coming in on the 19th.