During a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, the government of Manitoba gave a vaccine update. 

In the news conference, Dr. Joss Reimer, the medical lead of Manitoba's vaccine task force, had multiple discussion points.

Reimer says that the longer the virus mutates and spreads among non-vaccinated people, the more likely it is to see more variants of concern. She adds that there could be a variant of COVID-19 where the current vaccines are less effective, meaning we could need another vaccine to better protect against that strain of the virus. 

"Canada's Nation Advisory Committee on Immunization and the American equivalent ACIP are still not recommending a third dose for these variants. I will keep you updated on booster shots and third doses, including if and when we might need them. It is possible that this vaccine could become a regular part of life after COVID for all of us."  

Dr. Reimer went on to speak of back to school plans for parents and caregivers,

"While we are in the midst of summer now, it is never too early to plan for back to school, for your child to be fully vaccinated for back to school, so that's two weeks after their second dose. They need to get their first shot by next Tuesday, July 27th, which allows for the minimum 28 days between doses and the two weeks following the second dose." 

Reimer also mentioned that the province now has enough vaccine supply to meet the demand,

"When we were going through vaccine supply disruptions, and delays and uncertainty, it was important for you to know that having a mixed schedule was safe, effective and recommend at that time. Our priority was ensuring that people were getting protection from the second dose. So the guidance for you is to get the same brand of vaccine for your second dose, whenever possible."

With that said, Dr. Reimer assured that the government doesn't want you to delay your second dose, so it is still a safe and appropriate choice if you have to mix doses for one reason or another.