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The Association of Manitoba Municipalities and the Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization are teaming up for a forum looking at emergency preparedness.

The Executive Director of the AMM, Joe Masi, says the main purpose of the forum is to make their members aware of some trends in the province.

"When it comes to weather related events, and to have them take a look at their situation, and maybe look at down the road how they can maybe work together even more closely on handling emergencies in our province. We've been through a number of floods lately, but this is looking at potentially all kinds of weather related emergencies that could happen."

Masi says there's a number of topics the forum will look at.

"One is of course the even changing situation with disasters coming on a more frequent basis, and then looking at population trends in Manitoba and how prepared communities are and looking further down the road at certain parts of Manitoba that are having depopulation and others growing, how does this impact handling emergency management in a disaster situation."

The forum will take place on January 14 in Portage la Prairie.