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Bringing more tourists to the RM of Dauphin was a big topic at today's council meeting.
 Reeve Dennis Forbes says while they get plenty of visitors at their beaches at Stoney Point and Sifton, there's some other attractions he thinks they could do more promotion for.
"There's the Trembowla site that could be visited, it's very historical. That's the type of thing that we'd wanna look at promoting. We have a very beautiful campground in the south end, right on the edge of the park, Keld Campground, a good number of people use that."
He also notes that they're in the middle of currently doing some upgrades to Stoney Point Beach.
"We're in the middle of putting in new hydro, it was very outdated and it became aware to us that it's quite unsafe actually. There'll be new hydro hookups put in there and firming up the ground where campers are placed and so on."
Forbes says they had to do upgrades to the beach area, after flooding in 2011 and 2013 caused damage to some of the public buildings, and erosion on the shorelines.