The Dauphin and District Chamber of Commerce celebrated their 118th anniversary today.

Stephen Chychota, Executive Director with the Chamber of Commerce says although this year's celebration looked a little different, they were still able to hand out their outstanding member awards.

“Everything kind of lined up really nice today where we’ve had those plaques sitting around for a little bit. Usually what happens on a normal year is we have a nice big awards lunch in March, but COVID hit, so we couldn’t end up doing that this year. We’re dropping a few of them off today and tying them in with the gift card program that we’ve been putting on for the last few months.”

Chychota adds that over the last year the pandemic has had a big impact on the way they operate, but that they look forward to continuing their support for local businesses in the Parkland.

The Dauphin Chamber was federally registered back in 1903.