Using tongs to hand out candy, wearing a mask, and staying home if you feel sick are just some of the recommendations from the province to make trick-or-treating as safe as possible.

And while Parklanders are asked to take extra precautions this year, others say they won’t be participating at all, so CKDM wanted to find out what your plans are this Halloween.

Mavis from Dauphin is okay with handing out candy this year, as long as everyone follows the recommendations laid out by the province.

“If everybody follows the rules, it’ll be okay. Do what you can and give out packages that are already sealed.”

Tiffany says it’s important to make room for some fun, while taking public health advice into consideration.

“We don’t hold back on other things, so I don’t think we should hold back on the fun things either.”

Some Parklanders, like Rob, just aren’t comfortable with the increased number of contacts presented by trick-or-treating.

“If it’s done safely definitely, but this year with the way things are going I just don’t feel comfortable with going out or taking my granddaughter out.”

Leading up to Halloween, Dr. Brent Roussin has stressed the importance of limiting your number of close contacts – something Jordan from Dauphin will be taking into consideration with her child.

“Well I’m going to go out with my daughter, but she’s very small so we’re only going to my mom’s and my sisters.”

For a full list of provincial health guidelines for Halloween, click here.