For the first time in 75 years, the Fire Fighters’ Ball won’t be happening in person.

Fire Chief Cam Abrey says instead of cancelling it, they’re putting a different spin on it.

“We had already had the facility and caterer booked, we didn’t want to leave them hanging either, so we asked them about creating a partnership and they agreed to it. We’re going to be doing a meal delivery. So, rather than the ticket for the admission into the ball with the meal and dinner and dance, we’re just doing the dinner and members of the Dauphin Fire Department will deliver those meals to your door, so you can still enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.”

Over the past few years, proceeds from the Fire Fighters’ Ball have gone towards restoring the old fire truck and Abrey says this year is the same.

“So we’re currently restoring our 1919 Chevrolet fire truck. We committed it to the restoration company last year, the day after the Fire Fighters’ Ball and it’s still out there.”

The Fire Fighters’ Ball is happening November 7th.

Abrey says people have asked them if there are sponsor tickets. Abrey says usually sponsor tickets go towards their fundraiser but this year they’re doing something a bit different.

“If people are unable to have a meal delivered because they don’t live within the city limits, or they’re not going to be home that night, but they still want to support a great initiative, these sponsor tickets are also available for $20 each, but that whole $20, our association is going to turn around and donate that to the Under One Roof program. So in essence, you’re still buying a hot meal, but you’re buying it for somebody that’s in need.”

Tickets are $20 and you can get them by going to the fire station or by calling (204) 622-3100. There are three different delivery time slots to choose from, 4:00-5:00 pm, 5:00-6:00 pm, or 6:00-7:00 pm.