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Snow has fallen, and although it's not here to stay yet, rougher driving is on the way.
Brian Smiley with Manitoba Public Insurance says their stats show there are typically more collision claims during Manitoba's winter months, which they define as December, January and February.
"We can see an increase of anywhere from 25 to 40 per cent in collision claims. We in fact saw that two winters ago, it was an absolute horrid winter, and we, over those three months, we saw nearly 60,000 collision claims opened."
When it comes to snow plows, Smiley says people need to be extra alert when they are on the roads.
"They are doing their job and trying to make the roads safe for us to travel, but as a motorist you need to give them some room, so if you're coming up from behind them you need to pass with extreme caution. They tend to throw snow up in the air, there could be some snow dust, so passing a snow plow should only be done when it's absolutely safe to do so."
CKDM spoke with a caller who's already seen a snow plow through Riding Mountain National Park.