Chief provincial public health officer Dr Brent Roussin is assuring Manitobans that we are pretty well “set up”  to safely move into Phase Two of reopening the economy.

He delivered that message last night on a phone call, alongside the ministers of Health and Education.

As even more businesses will soon be allowed to reopen, Dr Roussin stressed the importance of Manitobans staying home if they have any symptoms of being sick.

He called this one of the most important rules to follow as we get acquainted with our new normal.

Education Minister Kelvin Goertzen says classroom learning will be cancelled for the rest of the year, but schools will be able to be accessed by students, teachers, and day camps.

Also, Health Minister Cameron Friesen did say he thinks we’re getting close to allowing religious groups to gather in their places of worship, as long as considerations are made with regards to capacity.

Friesen adds that one of the most important areas of focus is preventing the importation of this virus, from outside of Manitoba.

We still have not been given a date for when all these Phase Two measures will take effect, but officials are indicating it will be soon.

While Phase Two is still ongoing, Roussin says Phase 3 is hopefully not too far in the future.

Travel restrictions will be in place for the foreseeable future, as the province doesn't want to import the virus.