Today the provincial government announced it will invest nearly $8 million to enhance spring flood preparations and protection.

Municipal Relations Minister Rochelle Squires says the money will help more than 80 Manitoba municipalities take important steps to enhance flood protection.

“Municipalities know best what will work for them, and this program is designed to help ensure protection put in place this year will benefit communities for many years to come.”

Based on applications, the breakdown for funding by district is:

•    Parkland District –  $759,262.68 for 11 municipalities;
•    Central District – $1,271,662.07 for 14 municipalities;
•    Eastern District – $776,451.01 for 10 municipalities;
•    Interlake District – $1,059.167.70 for 10 municipalities;
•    Midwestern District – $715,082.41 for nine municipalities;
•    Northern District – $76,899.00 for two municipalities;
•    Western District – $1,139,583.73 for 15 municipalities; and
•    Winnipeg Metropolitan Region – $2,041,770.52 for 13 municipalities.

The funding covers items such as generators, pumps, steaming equipment to unclog frozen culverts, utility trailers, equipment for emergency operations centres, sandbags and other small equipment that will assist municipalities in protecting vital infrastructure and reducing flood damage.

We’re also learning of a new opportunity for municipalities to set aside funding for disaster mitigation programs in their communities.

A full breakdown of today’s announcement can be found here.

A full list of the 2020 Flood Protection Program projects is located here.