Speaking with CKDM on Wednesday afternoon, MVSD Superintendent Dan Ward says there is no new information to provide regarding the suspension of classes.

Ward explains we are essentially waiting on the province for an update on the Manitoba-wide suspension.

“We do recognize that we are under a state of emergency, and that state of emergency extends beyond April 13th. So we have posed a question, in terms of how that is going to impact schooling. The Department of Education has committed to get back to us as soon as they have an answer.”

There was a meeting Tuesday night with superintendents from school divisions across the province, the School Boards Association, and Manitoba Education. Going forward, there are meetings on Thursday and Friday that we hope will provide some more clarity.

Ward also gave an update on teachers, who have the option to work from home to promote social distancing.

“At the same time, we recognize they may need to access resources at the school. Some teachers at the high school level are meeting [online] with their students, so teachers are allowed access to the schools for resources and connectivity.”

Going forward there will be meetings virtually every day to talk about what school divisions are doing across the province to support families and students.

“As soon as we get that information from the province, we will be sending it out to parents as soon as we can.”