On Wednesday at 7:45, the MGEU held an information picket at the Manitoba legislature building to ensure Manitobans are aware of what’s going on with the Dauphin Jail.

MGEU President, Michelle Gawronsky, says they wanted to share the information with the MLAs, justice minister, and premier as they came into work.

“It was unfortunate, both the premier and the justice minister drove through without stopping, without having enough respect for Manitobans to take the sheet of paper, get some information and talk to the correctional officers and actually, the people of Dauphin and Manitoba that were on the information picket line this morning. It was very disappointing to see that.”

Gawronsky, says over 60 people come out.

“There was enough Manitobans that showed up in support and came out this morning at 7:30 on a below 40 day that we were able to set up 3 different picket lines.”

The MGEU is having a meeting with the government to discuss what will happen with those that have jobs at the Dauphin Correctional Centre.

“We don’t have any concrete agreement on how this will affect people, where people are going to be able to move, and what jobs are going to be open. They haven’t shared with us how many open positions there are with Justice Manitoba, whether there are any jobs anywhere else in the Dauphin area, government jobs that people could be moving into. So it is disappointing again, that we have a government in place that is not looking after Manitobans, is not taking into consideration the town of Dauphin and the RM in the surrounding areas.”