The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority says that everyone sent to hospital by yesterday's carbon monoxide leak at a Super 8 hotel on Portage Avenue will recover just fine.

Emergency crews were alerted to the leak by a carbon monoxide alarm in the hotel`s boiler room just after 10 am; which led to an evacuation of all 52 occupants of the hotel, including a dog. 46 of the occupants, including 2 children, were transported to hospital.

According to Winnipeg's Fire Paramedic Service; 15 people were initially listed as critical due to high carbon monoxide readings in their blood. Readings at the hotel itself came in at 385 parts per million. Carbon monoxide levels become dangerous at 10-20 parts per million.

As well as several emergency crews, Manitoba Hydro was quick to respond by shutting off gas lines and ventilating the hotel.

The City of Winnipeg said the building has been completely ventilated and carbon monoxide levels are back to 0.