Kelleher Ford is one of 3 dealerships outside of Winnipeg to be SAFE Work Certified.

Kelleher Ford GM, Chuck Burton says the main thing is they have put together an environment that is safe for employees to allow them to do their job better and safer. He adds it will allow them to look after their customers better too.

Burton says that they’ll have to do audits for two years in a row now.

“What happens is they’ll give us what our shortfalls are on our safety program, things we need to improve, or changes that need to be made. We do those changes, then a year later, we do another internal audit to ensure those changes have been implemented and it’s actually just a process of continuous improvement throughout the life of the dealership and to create a culture of safety within the dealership.”

Burton says over the past year they have put in a lot of work to get certified.

“I’m very proud of my staff, it was a year-long process. There’s a lot of paperwork, processes that need to be put into place, a lot of courses that need to be taken by staff and management, and they’ve done a great job.”

They got certified on the first audit which impressed Burton.