Grandview producer, Teren Garlinski, wants to see a halt on bear baiting practices being done on Crown land.

The cold snap that has hit the Parkland area is to end by Saturday.

Local MP, Robert Sopuck, talks about how trade will impact the Parkland in the New Year.

In the New Year, everyone 17 years and under will get into Riding Mountain National Park for free.

The City of Dauphin is willing to sell pot when it becomes legal in July.

The holidays can be a stressful time of year.

News of the MRI machine coming to Dauphin has been the perfect gift for the holidays.

Today is the deadline for municipalities to decide if they are in or out of the pot business.

The Dauphin Public Library is hosting an original Christmas play tomorrow afternoon. 

Some in the Parkland are praying and wishing for more snow for the holiday season.

It’s been a successful year for the Dauphin Hospital Foundation.