Winnipeg police have arrested three men during raids on two marijuana stores.

Insect and forest experts are working together to protect Winnipeg's trees from a destructive beetle.

Human Trafficking: Canada's Secret Shame is going to be playing next Thursday in Dauphin.

A man serving time in Stoney Mountain for a home invasion and assault against a Rossburn senior in 2015 is testifying against his partner-in-crime.

Most of the Parkland was shocked to see rain in January, along with temperatures in the plus 2 to 4 degrees.

Water will be turned off in the rural area of Grandview beginning at 9.

 The first Breakfast Series of 2018 kicks off this year with the Magic of Employee Engagement.


For those who are interested in finding out if they’re an eligible candidate for a Habitat Home, there is an information meeting taking place tonight.

A Brandon cab driver had a passenger pull a knife and threaten him earlier this morning.

Water in the rural area of Grandview is back on, for now.

Recyclable materials in the Parkland may not actually be getting recycled.