The Dauphin Co-op, with the Dauphin Humane Society, held a shopping spree this morning. Don Snitka ran for him and Eleanor, he was surprised he won the opportunity.

Don says they had a strategy planned.

“Eleanor and I planned on going to the meat department, the coffee department, we were going to go to the pizza part but we missed it, we got lots of soap for cleaning clothes, we were going to get dish soap but we missed out on that and we missed out on the pizza. Other than that, we did okay and we’re going to enjoy it.”

He had 3 minutes to fill as many carts as he could, he filled 2 and a half carts, with mostly meat, chicken, hamburger, pork, beef, some seafood, and then coffee and laundry detergent.

All that ended up totalling 1,171 dollars. There was a max budget of 1000 dollars, so Snitka paid for the rest.

If you'd like to see Don's trip through the Co-op, click here.

The Dauphin Co-op also provided a donation of 4 bags of pet food to the Dauphin Humane Society, in the name of Ken Sawicki, who works at the Co-op and volunteers every Sunday at the Humane Society with his wife.

Co op Donates To Humane Society

Last week, the Manitoba First Nations Police K-9 Unit was called to assist the Virden RCMP with an assault call. Three males were seen physically assaulting another male.

The victim was noticed to be bleeding excessively from the forehead and facial area. The three suspects were taken into custody, but the victim could not be found.

Ceto the K-9 was deployed to help locate the injured man. She followed a track through a bush area along the river where the victim was found under a tree unconscious and covered in blood.

Police immediately called EMS and performer first aid. The victim was transported to hospital with serious facial and head injuries. Police believed the victim would not have been found if it wasn’t for Ceto’s help.

Manitoba Infrastructure will construct a new bridge on Edwards Creek and the RM of Dauphin disagrees with them about where the detour should go.

Jack Bremner says MI’s proposal is for the detour to start at the junction for Ochre River, go all the way down the highway, turn onto road 109, and head north into Dauphin.

“That’s not going to work for us because we have a huge population at the lake, we have a huge population in that area. There’s no way they’re going to go back to the highway and take that detour that they are officially making a detour. They’re going to come down our municipal roads and really rip them up. They’re going to put 20 years’ worth of wear on our roads in a year.”

Bremner says the RM of Dauphin would have to bear the costs of MI’s detour, meanwhile, the government would save almost a million dollars by not putting in a shoefly bridge which the RM wouldn’t have to pay for.

Bremner adds they would like some of those savings so the RM isn’t paying a penalty for the government to save money.

Under MI's proposal, there will be approximately $200,000 in costs that the Rural Municipality will incur, including grading, gravel, and dust control, that they won’t be reimbursed for.

This would cause taxes to go up for residents in the RM, or it would force the RM to make cuts so they can afford the costs.

The RM’s proposed detour would start at Edwards Creek Road, go a mile north, and come into Dauphin on road 146 N.

This detour would have an estimated cost of just over 400 thousand dollars but that cost would include road upgrades and the cost would have been borne by Manitoba Infrastructure and not the Municipality.

Protests in Hong Kong yesterday caused hundreds of departing flights to be cancelled, leaving thousands of travellers stranded. While flights have resumed now, the initial cancellations and delays have cost affected travellers lots of money.

CKDM reached out to Tami Turner, a local travel agent, who told us there are some steps you can take before travelling to help if you ever end up in a situation like the one in Hong Kong.

Turner recommends booking with a travel agent. It’s their job to make the necessary calls to either reroute your trip or put you in a hotel until a reroute is possible. This will allow you to be on your way again as quickly as possible.

Second, she said to always get cancellation insurance. Without it, you are at the mercy of the airline, who is trying to help thousands of other passengers. Having cancellation insurance will help with any money spent or lost while stranded or waiting for another flight.

Turner says it’s never too late to reroute your flights, so, if you know that your flight will be delayed or cancelled, its best to call your travel agent as soon as possible.

Turner adds that while these scenarios are rare and can’t be predicted, it’s always best to be prepared.

Last Thursday was Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen.

All of the proceeds will go towards the children's hospital foundation and Dauphin sure did its part.

As a whole, $2105 was raised through the Dauphin Dairy Queen.

Next August will mark the 18th anniversary of Miracle Treat Day.


A second person has pled guilty to the shooting of an RCMP officer in Onanole last year.

22-year-old Tommy Edward Beaulieu has pled guilty on several charges including robbery with violence, aggravated assault, assault a peace officer and theft of a firearm.

Beaulieu, along with two others, were involved in a string of break and enters near Clear Lake last August, ending with an RCMP officer being shot followed by a lengthy standoff in Neepawa.

Therae Racette- Beaulieu was sentenced to 18 years in prison for attempted murder. The other two accused will be in court in September.

You'll soon have another option to wash your car in Dauphin.

Within the next week or so, Nick Jewell will be opening up Wellington Auto Sports. It's a brand new car wash and it'll be located at the former Westmore Domo location on Buchanon Avenue.

"There's a huge need for this. We have a market that needs a second car wash in town," said Nick Jewell, Owner/Operator. "There are a lot of cars that need to be washed around here and there isn't a lot of places to do it. We also were able to pretty up this building and it sharpens up this end of town."

Something unique to this car wash will be how you can pay. Nick has purchased machines that will allow you to pay with your debit card. That means a quick swipe and you'll be good to go. The system, however, hasn't arrived yet. When they open in the next week or so, it'll be a soft launch. That means you will be required to pay with loonies or toonies. 

"We also have the machine set so you get a good bang for your buck," he added. "It's all new in here, completely renovated and all the wands and everything. It's a nice spot."

Each dollar will give you 128 seconds to do your thing. 

Rent costs for some Manitobans will increase next year.

The 2020 rent guideline is set to rise 2.4% on January 1st.

The annual guideline, which is advised by the Residential Tenancies Branch, is applied to most rental properties including apartments, houses, and duplexes.

However it doesn’t apply to:

  • rental units renting for $1,545 or more per month as of Dec. 31, 2019;
  • personal care homes;
  • non-profit housing with subsidized rent;
  • approved rehabilitated rental units; and
  • new buildings that are less than 15 years old, where an occupancy permit was first issued or a unit first occupied after April 9, 2001, or;
  • buildings that are less than 20 years old, where an occupancy permit was first issued or a unit first occupied after March 7, 2005.

Landlords can apply for an increase higher than the guideline if they feel the increase doesn't cover any extra costs they’ve incurred.

Landlords must also provide tenants with written notice three months before any possible rent hike.

The Manitoba Medical Examiner’s office has confirmed the two bodies found in Gillam are Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod.

The two are confirmed to have died by suicide by gunfire. There were two firearms found near the bodies.

While they can’t confirm how long the suspects have been dead, there are strong indications that they were alive for several days after being sighted in Gillam.

Forensic analysis is being conducted to confirm whether the guns were used in the murders in BC.

The 42nd Manitoba provincial election campaign is officially underway.

While the election date has been set and parties have been campaigning for weeks, the campaign could not officially start until the formal issuing of writs after Pallister asked Lt.-Gov. Janice Filmon to dissolve the legislature.

With the September election date already chosen, Tuesday would have been the last possible day to start the campaign. Under provincial law, an election campaign has to be between 34 and 28 days long.

Pallister called for an early election in June, citing the fixed election Day in October 2020 would interfere with celebrations around Manitoba’s 150th birthday.

Manitobans will go to the polls on Tuesday, September 10th

A huge fire at one of Manitoba's largest dairy farms has resulted in the deaths of about 800 cattle.

The fire broke out early this morning (August 12th) at Pennwood Dairy, which is northeast of Steinbach.

About 60 firefighters from the Steinbach, La Broquerie, Blumenort, New Bothwell and Ste. Anne fire departments all responded to fight the blaze at 36168 Clearsprings Road, at around 5:00 a.m.

It's reported that the dairy barn represents approximately 2.5 per cent of Manitoba milk production. 

No employees were in the building at the time of the fire and they were able to save about 200 cattle.

No estimates on the damage value have been provided and we'll have more as we can.