If you were on Twitter Friday night, you may have seen some different tweets being posted by Manitoba RCMP.

After working on this plan for three years, there's a decision that needs to be made.

If you're unable to make it out to vote on April 19th, you still have the chance to cast your ballot.

It's crunch time for Manitoba's provincial candidates.


Dakota Tipi First Nation

Charges have been laid against a Manitoba man following a double shooting on a reserve. The Dakota Tipi First Nation was locked down after a man and a woman were shot in separate homes on Thursday. R-C-M-P say 31-year-old Irvine William Tyson Pashe of Dakota Tipi First Nation faces two counts of attempted murder, as well as other charges. The two people who were shot were taken to hospital in serious condition.

Manitoba Liberals Acknowledge Louis Reil

Manitoba's Liberals say if they're elected on April 19th, they will formally acknowledge Louis Riel as the province's first premier. Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari says it's not about revising history; it's about acknowledging what they know to be true. Alfred Boyd is recognized as Manitoba's first premier. In 1870 and 1871 Boyd was the provincial secretary, and later recognized as premier. The Manitoba N-D-P have responded that last month, they stood with the Manitoba Metis Federation to officially recognize Riel as ``Manitoba's first leader.''

Brussels And Paris Attackers Arrested

Belgium's Federal Prosecution Office says the recent arrests of four men confirm the same terrorist cell planned and executed both the attacks in Brussels and Paris. Belgian officials say the group had been planning a second attack in France when they were caught off guard by the progress of the investigation into the Paris bombings. That rushed the extremists to launch the suicide bombings at Brussels' airport and subway.

 Inflatable Rooms In Space

The world's first inflatable room for astronauts has arrived at the International Space Station. SpaceX's first delivery for NASA in a year has been taken aboard the I-S-S, with the soft-sided compartment included in the more than 31-hundred kilograms of supplies. The pioneering pod should swell to the size of a small bedroom once inflated at the end of May. It will be attached to the space station next weekend.

 Mobile Coffeemaker 

Coffee addicts might soon be able to get a fresh cup of joe on the go -- without hitting the drive-thru. MoeJoe Brewing Company- which is a Baltimore, Maryland based company- has created a mobile coffeemaker about the size of a travel mug that plugs into a U-S-B port. The founder of the Kickerstarter project says the idea came from his student days, when he wanted coffee but didn't want to leave his seat in the library.

Keystone Agricultural Producers of Manitoba are concerned about the future of farming, and want all political parties to make this a priority who ever is elected.

Advance polls begin for the Manitoba election Saturday.

The president and CEO of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce is learning about the challenges facing businesses in the province.