If you're at Dauphin's skate park, smile, you're on camera.

Donations to the Dauphin and District Community Foundation will count for extra come November 19th.

Police say a man has been arrested and a woman has been found safe in an alleged abduction in Manitoba.

Dauphin's firefighter of the year is a repeat winner.

An annual event is back at the Dauphin Friendship Centre. The Winter Global Market opened up this morning at 10am.

The University of Manitoba and University of Manitoba Faculty Association strike is in day four today.

A local teacher is a recipient of the Guiding Journey Indigenous Educator of the Year Award.

Gilbert Plains and Grandview are getting an update on the economic outlook of their region.

Dauphin's Ag Society is expecting to feel a drop in funding for Dauphin Rec Services.

An NDP MLA is coming to Dauphin to speak at a fundraising event for the Dauphin NDP Association.

The bridge to go between Vermillion Park and the sportsplex is arriving today, but it won't be ready for walking over until January.