Police in Manitoba accuse a Dauphin man of being involved in a string of break and enters, and being in possession of $25,000 worth of stolen property.

Should Sunday shopping hours be extended in Manitoba?

The province is on the look out for blacklegged ticks in Riding Mountain National Park. 

One dollar from every Teen Burger sold today will go to the MS Society of Canada.

The Executive Director of Dauphin Magical Horizons Daycare says it's awful when she has to tell parents there's no spots available.

A Dauphin mother wants a kid to be held responsible for his actions.

Funnel clouds have been seen forming near Eddystone.

The City of Dauphin will be more colorful this upcoming weekend.

In the last two years a race in Brandon has raised almost $25,000 for Lung Disease and expectation are high to raise even more this year.

Gas prices may have jumped up in Winnipeg, but a Senior Petroleum Analysts says prices won't go up in Dauphin.