About 80 people attended this afternoon’s Lunch Series event hosted by the Dauphin and District Chamber of Commerce. 

“This one was a nice surprise because it’s such a close one to the holidays that it’s tough to kind of get the word out there. So it was a nice surprise to see such an interest in this one. And with the presentations, it’s no doubt that a lot of people wanted to come in and check it out.”

Stephen Chycota says all three presentations today were well received. The crowd heard about the Dauphin Neighbourhood Renewal’s Unity Project, Dauphin’s pilot Business Incubator project, and the newly developed mountain bike trails.

The next Breakfast Series takes place on Thursday the17th at the Super 8. Chycota hopes everyone can come out to that presentation. Tickets are available at the chamber office or at the chamber website.

The Brandon Police Service is requesting the public’s assistance in locating a missing youth.

Josh Beaulieu is 13 years of age and has been missing since December 24th, 2018.

Josh is described as Aboriginal, 5’6”, 115 lbs, slim build, fair complexion, with straight short brown hair, and brown eyes.

His current whereabouts is unknown at this time.

They are asking anyone with information about Josh's current whereabouts to call the Brandon Police Service at 204-729-2345.


Jaskirat Singh Sidhu was in court for a short amount of time this morning in Melfort, Saskatchewan.

The driver of a transport truck involved in the deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash simply told the judge, “I plead guilty, your honour.”

Sidhu pleaded guilty to all 29 charges filed against him, 16 counts of dangerous driving causing death and 13 counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

Sixteen people lost their lives and 13 were injured when Sidhu's semi-unit, loaded with peat moss, collided with the Humboldt Broncos team bus in rural Saskatchewan last April.

Sentencing is scheduled to begin Jan. 28 in Melfort and will likely take three to five days to complete, due to the number of victim impact statements expected to be entered.

Education is one of the reviews the provincial government is undertaking this year.

Minister of Agriculture Ralph Eichler says there is only one taxpayer, so they need to make sure there is a balanced approach to their plan.

“We know in regards to the Education review that that’s a must. We’re the only province left in Canada that still has taxes on property. So we know that that has to be focused and making sure that we get it right. So that’s going to take us some time. A review of that nature will be very in depth.”

Eichler doesn’t have a projection to what that looks like, as everything is based on the consultations that are taking place across the province.

2018 was a great year for the Dauphin Hospital Foundation.

It was also a milestone year for the DHF as they celebrated their 30th year of operation.

Chairman Doug Deans attended one of the big highlights that happened back in December.

“One of the biggest battles, I guess is the best word, was trying to advocate on behalf of the area for the new MRI unit. The government, of course, had put a freeze on all capital projects and this one was partially done so we were quite delighted when they announced the fact that they were going to complete the project.”

The Foundation remained a strong community advocate for the Unit through the years both pre and post construction.

The Trotz family also had a significant impact on the foundation.

“Palliative Care Unit is being totally revamped and the Barry Trotz group gave us quite a substantial gift. And then gave us a second gift to fund a couple of new beds for Palliative Care and upgrading two of the rooms. There’s four Palliative Care rooms there. So, that went a long way and were very appreciative of the thoughts that the Trotz and his family and group in Dauphin raised the money locally to support the hospital and the hospital foundation."

Over $17-thousand from the Trotz family was given in November 2018. Money was raised from the historic Barry Trotz Stanley Cup Day celebration held in Dauphin in August. $6,600 from the Trotz family was also donate via the Foundation to the Dauphin Personal Care Home Activities Department.

brian in dauphin for mri

Another way the foundation promotes the hospital is through supporting nurses.

“We continued supporting local health care professionals that applied for assistance to upgrade their training and skills. We’ve maintained our support for itinerant specialist services and contributions through the Delha Cort educational fund."

Over the year the foundation received generous donations from around the community like a donation of $20-thousand from Tony Semeniuk of Ethelbert in September 2018.

Thompson RCMP is investigating the death of a 29-year-old woman.

Yesterday afternoon, around 5:50,  police received a call reporting a deceased female was found outside a residence.

When they showed up, they were able to identify her as a 29-year-old Thompson resident who had been reported missing in the afternoon of January 3rd.

It's undetermined at this time if criminality is a factor in her death.

The RCMP Major Crime Unit is assisting with the ongoing investigation and an autopsy is pending.

The Hay Disaster Benefit from Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation has been triggered and associated payments will begin shortly. 

The estimated payout for 2018 is $3.2 million on approximately 1,000 claims.  

The Hay Disaster Benefit is a complimentary feature of the AgriInsurance program that compensates insured forage producers for the increased cost of hay and transportation when there is a severe provincial forage shortfall. 

There is no cost to producers for this benefit.  Premiums are cost shared 60 per cent by the Government of Canada and 40 per cent by the Province of Manitoba.

Producers enrolled in Select Hay Insurance and Basic Hay Insurance are automatically enrolled in HDB.  All insured hay types (alfalfa, alfalfa grass mixtures, grasses, sweet clover and coarse hay) are eligible.

To trigger a HDB payment, at least 20 per cent of producers with Select Hay or Basic Hay Insurance must harvest less than 50 per cent of their long-term average hay yield.  For 2018, producers will receive an additional $40 for each tonne below their Select Hay or Basic Hay Insurance coverage.

For more information on forage insurance in Manitoba, please contact a MASC office or visit: www.masc.mb.ca/masc.nsf/program_forages.html.  The deadline to sign-up for 2019 forage insurance is April 1.

The Transportation Safety Board has figured out why two trains derailed near Portage last week.

The two trains actually collided with each other, causing the derailment.

Two locomotives from the eastbound train and eight train cars from the westbound train derailed.

The fire chief in Portage says it’s lucky the trains didn’t explode because one was carrying hazardous material.

One of the trains leaked diesel fuel 200 metres from the Assiniboine River.

The investigation is continuing.

‘I live with dementia’ is the theme for the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba’s January campaign.

The goal is to put a spotlight on the humanity that is still a part of every person living with dementia.

The campaign showcases the unique and diverse stories of individuals from across the country living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. With the aim to change attitudes toward the disease and erase the stigma.

Kathy Bellemare hopes everyone can take the time to understand the signs of dementia.

“All of us can benefit from just trying to understand what the disease is and then even more importantly what we can do about Alzheimer."

As the population lives longer the odds are that more and more people will live with the disease. Today, more than 22,500 Manitobans have dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

"Whether it can be helping families who have a family member that’s dealing with Alzheimer or whether it is getting involved through fundraising or making a donation to help for the programs that will support families that are affected with the disease,” says Bellemare.

People are encouraged to visit the campaign’s dedicated website to read and watch stories of people getting on with their lives in spite of dementia.

Alzheimer.mb.ca also shares tips on how to help end stigma, challenges attitudes towards the disease and provides other useful resources.

Bellemare wants people to know they are not alone. She encourages people who think they see signs to contact the society, talk with friends with medical knowledge, and friends who dealt with the disease.

The RCMP is advising of a large convoy on the Trans-Canada Highway. 

The convoy, related to the Yellow Vest movement has left Virden.

They left Virden at 11:30 this morning, heading east towards Brandon.

The RCMP is present to address any traffic issues.

They are also advising motorists to slow down in the area.

There could be a significant delay.


Dauphin is one of nineteen locations on Expedia’s list of top places to visit.

Melissa Stefaniw says being on the list is a pretty impressive accolade because the public is polled for the list.

Stefaniw also says this is good exposure and a good way to put us on the map.

Any type of exposure like this for Dauphin is very advantageous.

The list will be shared far and wide especially within the province because there are two places from Manitoba on the list, the other being Brandon.