Today is Canada’s Agriculture Day.

Dauphin’s Consumers Co-op held a contest asking why farming is so important.

The grade 3 students at Barker school entered and won the contest.

Donna Yaschyshyn, the student’s teacher, talked about the project the class entered into the challenge:

“So we brainstormed together as a class, and talked about the different things farmers do for our world, and things the Co-op does for our community.  Then the children chose to either draw about farming or about the Co-op, and we put it on a mural and it said ‘Thanking our farmers and Co-op for taking care of us.'

Yaschyshyn says Canada’s Agriculture Day fit well into her class’ social studies curriculum, where they were focusing on Canada and the world.

The future of farm technology is one of the topics at this year’s CropConnect.

David Yee, from the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute, says the big innovations come from major manufacturers, as they attempt to add value to their products.

Yee talks about how the industry is dealing with new technology:

“We are seeing an influx of more and more sensors and telemetry.  These are the digital technologies that are actually underwriting, and leveraging, and making available to the industry, more and more data."

David Yee presents ‘Star Wars and Star Trek:  How Precision Ag May Land in the Farm of the Future,’ tomorrow, at 3:20, as part the conference taking place in Winnipeg, tomorrow and Thursday.

The city of Dauphin has announced a road closure for today.

Tuesday, February 13, at 8:00 am, 2nd Street SW, between 2nd Avenue SW and 3rd Avenue SW, will be closed to all traffic to repair a water service.  All traffic must detour.

The city did not specify when the closure would be lifted.

Manitoba Liberal leader Dougald Lamont made a stop in Dauphin yesterday.

Lamont was elected as the party's new leader in October, and is in the middle of a long trip around smaller locations in the province.

Lamont explains his thoughts on the future budget and what he wants to change:

“We do get the opportunity by the finance minister, next week, to talk to him about recommendations to the budget, about where they're going, and where we think they're going wrong.  Hydro is on the top of the list, and health care is also on that list.”

Lamont will continue his trip, going to Swan River today.

Water management and predation were some of the big topics at the Manitoba Beef Producers' AGM.

At the group’s meeting, last Thursday and Friday, members deliberated on more than 20 resolutions concerning the beef industry.

Ben Fox, President of MBP, says they had many different categories of issues to deliberate on.

“The issues with the ravens and magpie birds have been prevalent over the last 3 or 4 years.  The bear-baiting resolution was carried, that’s fairly recent.  Really, it’s asking that any bear-baits set up, are set up using and following the guidelines set out by the organizations that look after hunting and outfitting.”

Now that the AGM has concluded, Ben Fox says MBP will continue to push for the interests of Parkland beef producers within the province.

 CancerCare Manitoba’s mobile breast screening program is back in action.

The service was stopped for 2 months to fix mechanical issues on the two vans. 

The screening program is expected to hit the road by the end of the month.

This morning, all buses in the Roblin area are canceled.

With the windchill temperature, in Roblin, exceeding the school divisions' threshold for bus transportation, of -45, the decision was made.

All buses in the Swan Valley School Division have been canceled.

Buses are running in the Dauphin area.

There are many reasons for volunteering for the Dauphin Fire Department.

Fabien Carriere is the newest volunteer firefighter.

Carriere says it’s a very rewarding career and lets you give back to the community.

“The comradery and the brotherhood, sisterhood, family aspect. of the fire department. has been phenomenal.  In every aspect, there is somebody willing to help you.  You always work in no-less than teams of 2.  There are tons of people to learn from.  Everybody’s point of view, trying to learn from it all, it’s very beneficial.”

If you ever thought about volunteering, the Dauphin Fire Department is holding a recruitment night on the 21st.

The Parkland area is currently under a Cold Warning weather advisory for today and tonight.

Temperatures, with the windchill, will be in the minus 40s.

The extreme cold temperatures should be gone by tomorrow afternoon, with forecasted temperatures in the minus 30s.

A reduction in their budget is what Mountain View School Division is facing this year.

Despite the provincial government announcing an increase in funding for public schools, they also want administration costs in all school divisions cut back.

MVSD Superintendent CEO, Donna Davidson, notes what the division will be focused on maintaining:

“As we did last year, we realized a two percent reduction in our budget, and our focus was on maintaining classroom teachers and classroom support.  That is going to be our primary focus going forward.  What’s important is that we have quality instructors in our classrooms, with the required supports to meet the diverse learning needs of the students entrusted in our care.”

Details on MVSD’s budget are expected to be released early next week.

Dauphin’s Arts Fest 2018, starts on March 31 and runs for the week.

The festival has 23 events scheduled, so far, with more to come.

Co-Chair, Martijn van Luijn, talks about some of the changes this year:

“Well, just like last year, we have our pillar events, which are our adjudicated performances:  piano, speech and dance; and we are adding bands this year, to that, so we are very excited.  Plus, with the dance and the speech arts, we’re going to add new groups to that, as well.”

For a detailed list of events go to