On Wednesday, March 13th Island Lake RCMP conducted a drug investigation involving a male passenger from Sandy Bay First Nation, on a commercial flight.

Lawrence Ashley McIvor was travelling from Winnipeg to Island Lake, which is near the Ontario border.

McIvor was suspected to be trafficking illegal drugs into the region when searched, officers found 140 grams of cocaine and 100 Percocet pills.

The 26-year-old has been charged with two counts of Possession for the purpose of Trafficking.

The Island Lake RCMP are continuing their investigation.

Today at the Dauphin Friendship Centre, First Nations councils within Treaty 2 are meeting for the special session.

Norman Bone, chief of Keeseekoowenin First Nation, says they are talking about child family services and Bill S3.

“They are important to talk about because they inform us or brief us as to what’s going on in Canada and for us, it’s important when we’re in a position to rebuild our own governance ability.”

Bill S3 is in place to amend the Indian Act in regards to membership.

“It’s difficult for us because we are being asked to amend the Indian Act. At the same time, it’s been our source of difficulty as First Nations. We’d prefer to have our own discussions of membership in our own setting as First Nations people in terms of how we’d maintain and get control over it for our own journey.”

Today’s session is set up in a way for everyone to be able to respond, not just chiefs and elders.

Chief Bone is looking forward to everyone participating in the discussions while preparing for enjoying the activities that are going on as well.

Premier Brian Pallister says he is devastated by the news of the shootings in New Zealand, calling them ‘cowardly.’

He condemns the attack against Muslims and says Manitobans’ prayers are with the victims of the senseless attack.

"We stand together with you in peace and solidarity."

The government has reached out to the Muslim community in Manitoba to offer support during this difficult time.

Roads have been safer so far in 2019 than in the past 10 years.

In the first two months of 2019, five people died on roadways, in 2018 the number would already have been 13.

In the last decade, the average after two months is ten people.

So far this year there hasn’t been a single off-road vehicle fatality, which is better than the 3 deaths to this point in 2018.

Deaths on Manitoba roads continue to be attributed to distracted driving, impaired driving, speed and not wearing a seatbelt.

The City and Rural Municipality of Dauphin are coming together as part of a new committee.

RM Reeve Ron Ryz says three representatives are coming from the city and three are coming from the RM. “We will basically discuss any upcoming issues. We haven’t struck up a meeting yet but the plan is to work together, and we have to look at things as a region.”

Deputy City Manager Renee St-Goddard shares what both sides hope to get out of these meetings. “I believe trying to get out of these meetings is just coming, having more transparency, open communication with the RM. We work closely with them quite often, so I think to make sure we keep the communication open and make sure we know when we can support each other.”

Some issues that they share responsibility for are the airport, the rec centre, and supporting economic development in the region.

RM Reeve Ron Ryz explains why they stopped holding these meetings in the past. “I think it’s just councils got busy doing their own things.”

The first meeting is expected to take place in a few weeks. Both sides hope this committee can meet once a month.

“We’re quite looking forward to working with the city,” Ryz said. “I think with new council coming in; I think the direction is we have to work together and work together as a region.” 

No word yet on where the meeting is to take place. 

There are mixed reactions from around the community about the Best Western and restaurant that are going to be built on Main St. South in Dauphin.

Ryan Rauliuk thinks it will help with the festivals. At this point, he doesn’t want to make a prediction for the restaurant. He hopes it will be a locally owned restaurant that uses local resources.

Stan from Dauphin isn’t so fond of the restaurant.

“It doesn’t help me so what’s the difference.”

He isn’t pleased with the Best Western either.

“I think two hotels is enough for Dauphin. It’s just a money racket because it’s only for festivals and that’s it. I don’t profit out of the hotel that’s what it is.”

Al Jackie who works at the Dauphin Marketplace Mall is more enthused about the two.

“I think it’s good for the city, more and more competition, more spaces, it’s always good. I hope it’s a family type restaurant.”

If you have a reaction you’d like to share, give us a call at 638 9022.

Gilbert Plains Municipality is warning residents of a disruption to urban water service.

Water will be off for some residents staring at 9 tomorrow morning.

The areas affected are:

-Residents On 274 South of Highway #5

-Residents On Glen Campbell Drive

-Residents On Findlater Avenue

The Municipality is sorry for the inconvenience and will restore service as soon as possible.

Gilbert Plains Municipality is warning residents of a Disruption To Urban Water Service.

Water will be off for some residents staring at 9 tomorrow morning.

The areas affected are:

-Residents On 274 South of Highway #5

-Residents On Glen Campbell Drive

-Residents On Findlater Avenue

The Municipality is sorry for the inconvenience and will restore service as soon as possible.

Starting today and going all weekend long is the Celebrations of Nations.

Boh Kubrakovich, Treaty 2 senior official, says they are bringing the event back to unite the nations in Treaty 2 territory.

After a great celebration during the hockey night in treaty 2 Kings game, they wanted to have more celebrations and reconciliation for the community.

The event gala is tonight at the 8th avenue hall. They’ll be honouring their founding members of the treaty 2 government as well as those who made the original treaty in 1871. Tracy Bone and the Mosquito band will be performing at the gala.

The weekend will be filled with many events including the trade show, pool tournament, talent contest, basketball, volleyball, hockey and even ice fishing.

They are looking for volunteers, if you would like to volunteer, call 204 648-3797 or send them an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can help keep Indigenous languages alive this weekend at the Dauphin Friendship Centre with the 3rd Free Master-Apprentice Language Revitalization Workshop.

Heather Suter, project director, says this one isn’t just another workshop, it builds on top of the past two.

If you haven’t been to the previous workshops, that’s ok. They’ll be reviewing the fundamentals. If you’ve been to one before you should go again because there’s always something new to learn.

The fundamentals at the workshop are, leave English behind, learn survival phrases in the language for language help so you can speak in the language as much as possible, use props, pictures, and soundless videos and work one on one with an elder.

The instructors learn new ways to teach so things aren’t boring. It also helps many different people who learn in many different ways.

If you are interested in signing up for the workshop contact the Dauphin Friendship Centre.

Dauphin Communities in Bloom will soon save thousands of dollars by collecting rain.

Alison Moss says Communities in Bloom will use what's collected to water plants around town.

“We’re planning to capture rainwater off the south side of the Rotary Arena. So we will have three raised stands along the south side of the arena. So the runoff will come through the gutters, and then there will be tanks to catch the water.”

She continues, “It will be a totally green project, in that it’s gravity fed. So we don’t even have to rely on a pump to get the water from the tanks and into our Communities in Bloom truck.”

 Their best estimate is around 3 thousand dollars a year will be saved depending on how much we get.