A 2000 dollar donation has been given to Whitmore School, for their playground fund, from CUPE Local 3305.

Colin Cherpako, president of the Local 3305, says they wanted to start giving back to the community, they decided to give 2000 dollars to Whitmore, as well as Barker and the Winnipegosis playground.

The parent group from Whitmore made the proposal and the membership decided to go forward with the donation at their general membership meeting.

Hudbay Minerals Inc. have announced they are increasing the mineral reserves and resources of its Lalor mine in the Snow Lake region.

Lalor’s annual gold production will double once the New Britannia mill has been refurbished. The refurbishing costs are 95 million dollars.

Reserves for gold are increasing by 65%, copper by 23%, and zinc by 11%. With a sustaining cost of 450 dollars per ounce, Lalor is one of the lowest-costing gold mines in Canada. The current reserve life of 10 years, which started in 2014 could be extended with the successful conversion of additional mineral resources at Lalor. 

Tomorrow is the Lake of the Prairies Ice Fishing Derby.

The person who catches the longest fish wins 12500 dollars. There are more cash prizes, donations and fishing packages from sponsors and a raffle throughout the day.

Sadie McCauley, Executive Director for Asessippi Parkland Tourism, says you can enter the raffle even if you’re not fishing.

The money earned goes towards promoting the area.

McCauley says it’ll be a great day and the weather will be beautiful. They’re hoping to get between 400 and 500 people at the ice fishing derby.

A few rules McCauley thinks people should know are no electronics, bring a pail to mark your hole and have fun.

To register in the Parkland you can go to Russel Video or the Russel Video Centre for Russel, Work & Sport Den in Roblin, Sticky's Bait & Tackle in Dauphin, or Friendly's Grocery Co-op in Inglis.

To see the rest of the rules or to register online click here

This year's Intermountain Conservation District Community Tree Program was a big success.

61 landowners participated with 7000 trees ordered.

“We’re quite a bit higher than last year. So last year was the second year we had about 700 trees, and I think nine landowners,” said Jeff Thiele, from IMCD.

The program is set up for larger planting.

“It’s mostly rural. There is some in the urban areas. But we kind of have it set up so you have to order in bundles of 25. So if you want some spruce trees you have to order 25 seedling spruce trees.” He continues, “So generally it’s more than just someone’s house in town. It’s probably going to be planting out of town.”

IMCD received applications from all over the district, including Cowan, Grandview, Winnipegosis, and Ethelbert.

“Every year we see less and less trees in the Parkland area. I’ve been working and living in the area for a while, so it’s certainly noticeable when you look at a 30-year time frame. We have fewer trees then we did back in the day. So if we can try to catch up a little bit by planting more trees that’s what Intermountain is thinking.”

Thiele is hopeful for another increase in participation next year. The district amalgamations will also help.

They are trying to get back to the 20 to 25 thousand trees the shelterbelt centre in Saskatchewan use to provide the Parkland each year before it closed down.

Winnipeg health officials say there has been a surge of patients at emergency rooms.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority says the hospitals are backed up because of more people with respiratory illnesses.

A representative from Prairie Mountain Health says there are no unusual surges of activity at the Dauphin Regional Health Centre Emergency Department.

The Dauphin Kings will be hanging out with kids this afternoon at the Dauphin Public Library.

The players on the Kings will be there around 3:30.

They are getting together now because February is, "I love to read month."

It’s a chance for kids to come out, meet the Kings players in a relaxed setting and read or play board games.

This is the first time this season they’re doing this.

Jean Louis-Guillas says in past years, the kids and Kings players really enjoy being together.


Tonight at 7:30, students from the Brandon School of Music will be performing at the library.

The performance will be a 45-minute set. About 35 students will be here as part of the choral group and orchestra.

Jean Louis-Guillas is really looking forward to the performance.

“Live music is a great opportunity to see people. I think it’s like magic in front of you.”

Guillas says Dauphin has a really strong music program in the schools, which is building a good synergy with Brandon University.

He says students that might be pursuing a degree in music should attend because they’ll have the chance to meet instructors, professors, or even the leaders of the choral group and orchestra, Dr Andrée Dagenais and Dr Leanne Zacharias.

The library is asking for donations to assist the performers on their tour.

Mountain View School Division held a stakeholder meeting this week to discuss the upcoming education review.

Board Chairperson Leifa Misko shares what was brought up.

“There is concern about the loss of local voice. The school division getting so large those local concerns will not be met. That was sort of the main concern. Nobody really came up with solutions or options. But the main concern is our local needs will be lost if everything is being made in Brandon or as the saying goes ‘on Broadway'.”

Misko explains how school boards in Manitoba are currently funded.

“Funding in Canada for education is done through property taxes. All across Canada it’s the same, it doesn’t matter if you’re Manitoba, Saskatchewan, on the east coast, on the west coast, where ever. It’s collected through property tax.” She continues, “How it’s collected is different. Manitoba is unique in that all money that is collected locally stays locally because our municipalities collect it and give it to the local school boards."

She wants to stress that people can agree or disagree with the board but you should voice your opinions. If you sit back and do nothing, you might not like the result. Before you get involved Misko encourages people to learn about the issues, and that through involvement change does happen.

If you want to talk about education and want to hear from the school board, Misko encourages groups to call the main office, send a trustee an email, or speak with a trustee if you see one of them on the street.


Jaylen Neeposh has been found and returned home, according to police.


A teen from Brandon has been missing for 10 days. Brandon Police are looking for 14-year-old Jaylen Neeposh.

She was last seen on the 10th when she left her home on the 600 block of 17th Street, in Brandon. Jaylen is described as 5’5, 125 lbs, aboriginal in appearance with long straight black hair, which she usually wears in a ponytail. She has brown eyes with black framed glasses. Jaylen was last seen wearing a maroon winter coat, grey sweatpants and tan boots.

Anyone with information about Jaylen’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Brandon Police Service at 204-729-2345.

The Dauphin Friendship Centre Agency Luncheon went on earlier today.

Lindsay Sanderson hopes to do more agency luncheons or more lunch and learn type activities.

There were speakers from all over the community, the ACC, Habitat for Humanity, and the regional library were just a few.

There were so many people that wanted to say something, they went overtime.

Today is National Love Your Pet Day.

Pets play a major role in people’s physical and spiritual welfare, according to Dr. Ronald Mentz from the Ste. Rose Vet Clinic.

He says pets also have a very important part in the growing up of kids.

“Kids see pets on a whole different level. They see how pets are born. They see how these pets grow up with them. And when the pets reach the end of their life, it makes the whole cycle of life so much easier for them to comprehend.”

Dr. Mentz says if you do have a pet to take care of it. That also means taking care of their health. Make sure they get their regular vaccinations and do the regular de-worming. Owners need to realize that their pet's life compared to human lives is much shorter. On average one human year is like seven for your pet. So, if you skip one year of going to the vet, it's like skipping seven years of your pet's life.

The 31st annual Dauphin Kinsmen Business Expo is set to take place on the weekend of April 27th and 28th, a week later than usual due to a late Easter Weekend this year.

James Blake, Treasurer of the Kinsmen Club of Dauphin, says it's a great opportunity for local and out of town businesses to market their product to the Parkland.

The annual event attracts people from all over to visit the free to attend business expo.

Fees for booths start as low as $140, and rise depending on the size and location of the booth. They're already over 50 percent full, and encourage potential businesses to book soon for the best choice of booth location.

Volunteers for the event, as well as for the club in general, are always welcome. For more information, click here, or call Dan at 204-638-8712.