Some changes to the original Gilbert Plains Hall Project will be brought up at a public meeting tonight.

Residents are invited to come to the hall at 7:00 in the evening to hear more about it.

The committee has to make some changes to the original plan of lifting the hall, fixing the foundation and building an addition for washrooms and a new kitchen.

They are faced with, building a new foundation, replacing the roof, and upgrading to Phase 3 power.

Reeve Blake Price, explains why in kind work is no longer an option, like what was discussed two years ago.

“Back at that point and time we talked somewhat about trying to phase this project and do a little bit more ‘in-kind’ work from within the community. It’s almost impossible when we are taking the roof off and lifting the building and putting a new roof on, you can’t really phase it, or that’s the way we feel today.  So it will be a complete turnkey project.”

Currently the group has raised 70 percent of the money needed to finish the project and with the changes to the plans and the cost of inflation since the project was discussed two years ago, the committee is looking at an estimated cost of about $1 million dollars.

The committee is looking for feedback from residents and would like to take it to Council to make a decision. The longer it takes to make a decision, the greater the risk of losing $500,000 in federal funding, along with a few other grants.