Local businesses will be feeling a bit of backlash following the announcement of the minimum wage increase.

Although the increase may seem minimal, Corrina’s owner, Corrina Abrey, says she has conflicting thoughts on the situation.

“I am kind of pro and con for it because I think it’s a good thing. It’s obviously going to boost our local economy. People that are going to make more money, are going to spend more money in our community. As a business owner, I wish that they would do something more like an age appropriate wage. I grew up and I raised my family on minimum wage back when it was like $5.20 an hour and I raised three kids. Now I’ve got 15 and 16 year olds making a good dollar, and that bites a little bit. I know that they’re worth it, they really are.”

A major thing in the food service industry is continuing to be profitable and meeting margins. When a wage increase like this hits, the consumers pocket is where it usually hits the worst.

Abrey explains that prices will rise for Corrina’s, but not for the reason that is on everyone’s mind.

“Prices were going to be going up before even this. December 1st this year will be 10 years in business. We’ve had a price increase twice. Some of our groceries have more than tripled in price since year four. I’m more here because I love what I do, I really don’t look at the bottom dollar, I’m one of those weird business owners that doesn’t pay attention to her bank account. As long as my bills are getting paid, and everybody’s getting paid, and we can make improvements, I don’t really care.”

The Manitoba government announced a 20 cent increase in minimum wage last week, taking effect on October 1st, 2018.

The existing minimum wage currently is sitting at $11.15 and will rise to $11.35 per hour.