Manitoba’s budget was released this afternoon and unveiled a $17.4 billion dollar spending plan.

The Carbon Tax is expected to bring in $118 million dollars in revenue, with $102 million to develop a conservation trust fund to protect wetlands, forests and grasslands.

Gas prices will rise to an additional 5.3 cents on every litre sold.

The tax is to be implemented on September 1.

There’s some relief to tax payers.

The personal exemption rate will rise to $10,392 per person, providing a potential savings of $12 yearly.

The legalized selling of cannabis is projected to bring in a $30 million dollar hike for Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries.

However there is a tax hike for roll your own tobacco products, with an increase of 28.5 cents per gram, generating a surplus of $7 million in revenue.

5 new schools are also in the works according to the 2018 provincial budget.

1 school is to be built in Brandon, the rest in Winnipeg.

There’s a modest increase for health and education, however it is well below the inflation rate.

A reduction in highway infrastructure is also slated, with a decrease of $152 million dollars.