A teacher from Dauphin received a nomination for Manitoba’s Educator of the Year.

Lindsay Agnew was nominated for her work with students at the DRCSS.

She says it was a team effort to accomplish what she was able to do, with the students and her peers at the school.

Agnew talks about the work she has done, and that she was very honoured her peers nominated her for such an inspiring award.

“The program I was running at the time was the Community Transitions Program, at the DRCSS. I have students between the ages of 12 to 21 that are transitioning out to the community. So we do a lot of activities within the class room, the school, and also the outside community. Whether it be work placement, regular classrooms, life skills, social skills, various things like that.”

As a nominee, Agnew traveled to Winnipeg to attend the Manitoba “Yes I Can” awards last Thursday.

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