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The government detailed the new marijuana laws during its "Safe and Responsible Retailing of Cannabis Act" news conference today.


Like alcohol, it'll be an offence to give pot to a young person, and for people under 19 to possess it.

It'll also be against the law to give pot to an intoxicated person.


People won't be allowed to grow marijuana at home either. People found with 1 to 4 plants would be guilty of a provincial offence, and possibly subject to a fine.


Sales of pot are regulated by the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority which is new name for Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba


2 kinds of stores will sell pot. One will be age-restricted, meaning no one under the age of 19. The other will be open to all ages but stores won’t display weed products for sale.
Licensed retailers with storefront property can also sell weed online. Anyone who orders and accepts a package of weed will need to sign for it. The information collected will be on record by the province.