As farmers are winding up harvest for the year they still have the chance to check for crop diseases.

Holly Derksen, plant pathologist with Manitoba Agriculture talks about the main disease farmers have found this year and what they should do if they think they found plants with the disease.

“So if they had root rot this season with soybeans, one of the things is if you did have root rot to try and send in a sample to figure out which root rot it is that’s causing the issue. Is there more than one causal agent of root rot in soybeans and phytophthora is the one that we are most concerned in soybeans in Manitoba. There are some resistant verities, so if you found out that you have a phytophthora issue, a resistant verity it’s something you might select in the future.”

Derkson says this year had very little disease issues as the dry weather kept away problems brought on my moisture.