Yesterday, Prairie Mountain Health held their Annual General Meeting at the Elkhorn Resort in Clear Lake.


PMH overall had a fairly steady year and mainly focused on improving wait times in the region.

The health region is the second largest in the province with 27 telehealth sites and Dauphin’s site is one of the most used.

The PMH Mobile Clinic is in operation 5 days a week and staffed with a Nurse Practitioner and Community Health Nurse.  The mobile clinic helps provide health care to many First Nations in the region.

Brian Schoonbaert, Vice President of Finance, Capital and Support Services, presented the Audited Financial Statements.

PMH saw an increase in the total revenue for 2016, by 3.2 percent, which resulted in an increase of $19.4 Million dollars and the total expenses also increased by similar amounts. 

Expenses rose by 3.3 percent, which resulted in an increase of $19.8 Million dollars.

The use of agency nurses and overtime staffing cost the region $7.26 Million dollars which is an increase of almost $1 Million dollars compared to last year and salaries in the region increased by just over $19 Million dollars.

It was also reported that 40.8 percent of expenses relate to acute care and 26.8 percent relate to personal care homes.

The meeting was wrapped up with Dr. Brock Wright, President and CEO of Shared Health Services spoke about Health Care Change.