The Assiniboine River Basin Initiative (ARBI) is keeping an eye out on potential flooding.
Manitoba's Infrastructure Minister Blaine Pedersen said recently the government is planning for the highest potential flood risk this upcoming season, reviewing emergency response plans and speaking with municipalities.
Vice Chairman of ARBI Allan Preston agrees with the provincial forecast.  
"We kind of concur with others who are bringing forward their thoughts with regards to Spring... there certainly has been a situation with excess moisture last fall, saturated soils going into the winter months and high levels of flow in the rivers and streams throughout the winter period, compound that with the heavy snow that has fallen primarily in the Souris sub-basin and we start to have an issue or concern of what might happen in the Spring."     
However, Preston also feels that Manitobans will get a better indication of where potential flooding stands by April.  
"We'll always tell you that flood forecasting is a very imprecise science, and the reality is that more correctly the speed of melt in the spring time, the rainfall that takes place in April early May, and how quickly the soil will thaw are probably the three most important factors in terms of what flooding might occur."  
Parts of Manitoba were hit by major floods back in 2011 and 2014.