City of Dauphin Mayor Responds to Comments from RM Reeve
Dauphin's mayor says he was joking when he made a comment saying the RM Reeve lived in a foreign municipality, and he says it's being taken out of context.
"We were joking back and forth before a meeting about how I live in the RM and he lives in town so it's sort of ironic that we're negotiating from opposite sides of the table, that we're sort of foreigners in the jurisdiction in which we're actually advocating for, and that was purely joking on that."
Irwin says if it's been misinterpreted he's apologetic about it.
Reeve Dennis Forbes recently said at an RM council meeting that communications between the city and RM "all went to Hell" at a meeting in 2015 in which he says Irwin called them a foreign municipality.
Potentially Dangerous Bacteria Found in Winnipeg Hospital
A hospital in Winnipeg says it's found low levels of legionella bacteria in its water supply.

Catherine Robbins, chief operating officer at Victoria General Hospital, says the water in the cancer ward tested positive for the bacteria.

Legionella bacteria can cause legionnaire's disease, which is a serious lung infection, especially for people over 50 or those with weakened immune systems.

Robbins says the risk of infection is very low. She says the hospital has taken all the steps necessary to rid the water of the bacteria.
Bank of Canada Governor's Review of Balanced-Budget Law Scrapped
The Manitoba government is cancelling a plan to have former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge review the province's balanced-budget law.

The move is the latest in a series of Tory reviews or cancellations of pre-election promises made by the previous NDP government which Pallister has labelled expensive and desperate.

Premier Brian Pallister says the province doesn't need Dodge's help. He had been scheduled to review legislation that penalized cabinet ministers for running deficits.

Pallister says there won't be any cost to taxpayers because there was never a formal agreement signed with Dodge.
Immigrants Help Canada Grow at Levels Not Seen Since Late Eighties
Canada's number crunchers estimate a record number of immigrants arriving in the last year helped push the country's population to nearly 36.3-million as of July 1st.

Statistics Canada says the country recorded an overall increase of more than 437,000 people, or 1.2 per cent, during the 2015-16 fiscal year -- an increase not seen since 1988-89.

The overall rise was driven by the arrival of nearly 321,000 immigrants, including an influx of Syrian refugees.