A local Dauphin woman has received a prestigious award.
Two years ago, Donna Nykiforuk was at home when she was notified that her neighbour Marvin Procyshyn was in need of a medical emergency.
Acting quickly, Nykiforuk was able to resucitate Procyshyn before help arrived, a situation that could have ended much worse.
Procyshysn says, two years later he didn't really know what had happened.
"I thought I was stung by a wasp, and I don't really remember all that much after that but when I got home here Donna happened to be outdoors I guess, and my wife called her so Donna came to my assistance... I don't really remember much after then because I passed out."  
Nykiforuk recieved a St. John Ambulance Life Saving Award at a ceremony yesterday.