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The Pas Mayor Jim Scott says the total amount is $844,000 a year, and the thinking is it will allow them to explore their options while people still get paid.
"We thought that if we could offer up, you know, $2.5-2.6-million dollars over a three-year term, that would allow that mill to stay open beyond December 2 while we hammer out an agreement with some other company or some other group, then that allows that $37-million annual payroll to continue."
Tolko says it is reviewing the offer today.
Scott says Tolko has asked if they can forward the offer for tax breaks to potential buyers of the mill; Scott says the town has to review that.
Scott says they are looking at every opportunity they can.
"We have a consultant who's working for us as we speak. We're looking at a number of different opportunities that could lead to ownership."
He says this is not the end of the line, although he says Tolko tells them there's a low probability of moving forward and finding new ownership.

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