The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba has a new president.

After 8 years on the board, Greg Crisanti is the president.

He doesn’t plan on making any changes to start.

“We’re just going to keep doing what we do best, putting smiles on people’s faces as they come to one of our three volunteer lead fairs, and we’re looking at putting on some new and exciting events. ”

Crisanti looks forward to making a difference by bringing agriculture education to people that aren’t aware of all the agriculture activities and events.

“Throughout all our events, education is a huge piece of it, but also the entertainment aspect of it is huge for us. If we can put smiles on people’s faces coming to our events, then the board has done their job.”

The organization puts on the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, the Ag Ex, and the Summer Fair.

Greg Crisanti is also an owner of the Dauphin Tim Hortons.