The Gilbert Plains – Grandview Ag Society is hosting their AGM tonight. They’ll be going over everyone’s roles, and they’ll vote to decide the treasurer and secretary for the next year. Kevin Boese, President of the Gilbert Plains Ag Society, welcomes volunteers to show up to the meeting, as well as new people because they have some director spots open.

Boese doesn’t expect a lot of major changes tonight.

“We’re just going over a few things, our rodeo this year is July 10th to the 12th again, the second weekend in July like it always is. One thing that is going to change this year is that the Gilbert Plains Ag Society is not doing the high school rodeo this year. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have enough volunteers.”

Another group from the Ethelbert, Gilbert Plains area will be doing the high school rodeo.

Boese says if you’re thinking about volunteering or joining the ag society, they have a great network of people.

“It’s always a wonderful time, it’s more than just the two or three days of rodeo in July, we have meetings once a month and it’s a great little get together. It’s a wonderful group of people that we have, I just can’t say enough about the volunteers that we do have, they’re just a wonderful group, if you’re looking to help out with your community a little bit, and want to do something a little extra, it’s a lot of fun.”

If you’d like to go, the AGM is at 7 tonight in the EMS building in Gilbert Plains.

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