The 41st Manitoba Beef Producers Annual General Meeting focused on the challenges of 2019 while focusing on the positives ahead.

The meeting started off with presentations on what national beef councils are doing to help improve public trust in the beef sector.

Over 40 resolutions were brought forward for debate.

Most of the resolutions focused on the changes to Crown Land leases in the province, as well costs borne on producers from the carbon tax.

The theme of the meeting was ‘Where Beef Fits In An Evolving Marketplace’ and many of the presentations focused on how beef can compete with things like Beyond Meat, also on how the outbreak of African Swine Fever in China will leave a gap in the protein market that beef may be able to fill.

After lengthy debates on the resolutions, it was time for producers to sit back and relax at the banquet.

At the President’s Banquet, Provincial Ag Minister Blaine Pedersen brought greetings to the group and also announced some exciting things for beef producers. Pedersen announced that the government will be looking at allowing producers to buy their Crown Land leases and that they have partnered with MBP to launch a project to help curb wildlife predation.

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