After the news of the closure of the Dauphin Corrections Centre, the Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union is looking for answers.

President of the MGEU, Michelle Gawronsky wonders if the government had taken a look at the impact that closing the jail would be.

“It’s going to have a significant impact on our members, the inmates of the facility it’s going to have a huge impact on the justice system across Manitoba,” said Gawronsky. “Our members are upset, they’re scared, there’s such a huge range of emotions right now. They’re scared for what this means for them, for their futures, for their careers, their families, the community that they live in. This is going to have far-reaching arms.”

Gawronsky says there was no consultation with the union or the employees they represent. 80 people are currently employed at the Dauphin jail.

She added that MGEU was only informed of the closure the day before it was announced, with employees finding out the day of the announcement.

Gawronsky says that while there is nothing that would make the announcement better, more time for employees to prepare would have been appreciated.

“Right now, employees are left with about 60 days to figure out what’s going to happen to their future,” said Gawronsky. “Some of the questions that have already started coming in for me are couldn’t they extend it a little bit longer? What about other options? How are we going to be able to move? What happens to our house here in Dauphin? There are so many questions.”

One thing that also concerns Gawronsky is the effect that losing 80 plus families will have on Dauphin, and what it will do for crime rates in the Parkland.

The MGEU is hoping that the government keeps its promise to withhold the collective bargaining agreement in place when relocating the workers.