Premier Brain Pallister says that Manitoba will have the cleanest fuel standards in Canada as part of the provinces “Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan”.

“We have the cleanest electricity in Canada already and soon we will have the cleanest fuels in Canada too,” said Pallister. “Manitoba is leading the country once again,”

Pallister says the new fuel standards will cut the province’s emissions by nearly 400,000 over the next 5 years, or the equivalent of taking 100,000 vehicles off of the road.

The province will increase the ethanol content requirement of gasoline to 10 percent from 8.5 percent, and the biodiesel content of diesel to five percent from two percent.

Pallister added that consultations with Manitobans will take place in the coming months, and any necessary regulation changes will be made in the spring.

After meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday, Pallister is asking the Canadian government to take another look at the province’s climate plan to cap the carbon tax on Manitobans.

“Manitobans deserve respect for our green agenda, our historic and significant investments in clean, green renewable energy,” added Pallister, “Our plan puts a price on carbon that is low and level, like the Prairies, and keeps more money in the pockets of Manitobans while getting the same amount of emissions reductions as the rising federal carbon tax.”

He went on to say that Manitoba’s Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan is better for the economy, the environment, and better for Manitoban families.

Speaking at Ag Days, Pallister said that a provincial carbon tax would exempt grain-drying costs.