The Liberal government will start the process of ratifying the new United States- Mexico-Canada trade agreement next week.

During a press conference in Winnipeg, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that a ways and means motions will be introduced on Monday. The motion is the needed first step for the approval of fiscal bills.

“Passing the new NAFTA is our priority,” said Trudeau. “There are too many businesses relying on access to the U.S market. It’s extremely important that we move forward with ratification and it’s our intention to move forward with this.”

Ratifying the new trade deal has been a long process. Mexico first ratified the deal last summer, and the U.S. ratified the deal earlier this month.

Now that the motion to ratify is being put forward, the Liberals will need to work with other parties to get the legislation passed.

The Conservatives said they feel like they have not received enough details from the government on the content of the new agreement to guarantee their support.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has not yet said whether or not his party will back the deal.