A recent report says that there need to be more work placement programs for post-secondary students in Manitoba.

The report done by the province’s colleges and universities and the Business Council of Manitoba, says that programs need to be put in place especially at small and medium-size businesses.

According to the report, many small businesses have a hard time finding people who are qualified enough to work there, and work placement programs would help connect them to prospective employees.

The president of the University of Winnipeg, says only half of all graduates currently have work placements. She added that the number should, ideally, be closer to 100 percent.

The report goes on to warn that the province’s future job market is vulnerable to disruption and automation in areas like manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing.

It asks for collaboration between the business sector and schools to make sure students are trained for the economy.

Provincial economic development minister, Ralph Eichler, says that the recommendations made by the report will require funding and it’s much too early to say how much.