The Municipality of Ste. Rose has unveiled a new logo, after a months-long contest.

Last year, Ste. Rose council had the idea of updating and modernizing its website. That idea also spurred the thought of “re-branding” the newly-merged Municipality.

The RM of Ste. Rose and the Town of Ste. Rose du Lac joined in 2014, to become the Municipality of Ste. Rose.

The council decided to launch a Logo Contest as a way to try and showcase local talent. The deadline for submissions was March 1st, 2019, and the council received two dozen submissions from local artists, with a wide variety of ideas.

The winner of the Logo Contest was The Dreamweaver’s Art Group from Ste. Rose, who designed the logo below.

ste. rose logo 1

They said the circular logo depicts the life within Ste. Rose. The long-stemmed red rose with a bud represents new life, love, and growth. The wheat stock represents the agriculture community. The open circle signifies the welcoming quality of the community.

The winning design was sent to Repromap to be formatted, where they made a few alterations to end up with the logo you see at the top of the article.

The Municipality says they are very happy with the logo and are excited to be launching a new, modernized website in the New Year.