At the last city council meeting of 2019, the city council passed four bylaws.

All of the bylaws already existed, but some changes needed to be made.

The first bylaw was 09/2019, the bylaw that outlines all the city’s fines, fees, and charges. The bylaw needs to be reviewed every 1-2 years. No changes were made to the bylaw.

The next bylaw passed was 10/2019, the city’s property standards bylaw. Council made a couple of changes to the bylaw including adding the clause that makes business owners have to take care of their sidewalks to the property standards bylaw rather than the traffic bylaw it was categorized in before.

Another change made to the property standards bylaw was the city will now allow for one unused vehicle to be stored on private property without any fees or permitting process. The new changes come into effect on January 1st

The next bylaw was 11/2019, the city’s penalty scheme for parking and bylaw enforcement. Council added the penalties for the failure to adhere to the city’s proposed accommodation tax.

The last bylaw reviewed was bylaw 12/2019. The change allows the recreational facilities reserve fund to include funds contributed by the proposed accommodation tax

All of the bylaws either come into effect immediately or on January 1st.