Environment Canada issued an extreme cold warning for the Parkland yesterday, and they weren't kidding.

The affected areas include the RM of Gilbert Plains, RM of Grandview, RM of Mossey River, RM of Ethelbert, RM of Roblin, RM of Russell-Binscarth, RM of Dauphin, RM of Lakeshore including areas from Makinak to Toutes Aides, and the RM of Riding Mountain West.

Wind chills close to -40 are expected this morning thanks to an Arctic ridge of high pressure in the prairies that has dropped the temperature to nearly -30.

Wind chill values are expected to get a little better later on today, however similar wind chills are expected to continue into tomorrow.

Environment Canada is urging people to watch for cold-related symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain, weakness, numbness, and colour change in fingers and toes.

Find the full statement here.