December 1st, 1919. That’s when the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company started the very first radio station in Canada and one of the first around the world.

Guglielmo Marconi is known for his work on early long-distance radio transmissions, Marconi’s Law, and is credited for being the inventor of radio.  

That first radio station was XWA, which stood for experimental wireless apparatus, and was based out of Montreal. 

While being granted the broadcasting licence in 1919, XWA’s first scheduled broadcast wasn’t until May 1920. 

It was also in 1920 that XWA became CFCF, Canada’s First, Canada’s Finest. 

It was a very popular radio station for decades in Montreal. However, after 90 years, the station closed in 2010. 

In 1922, twenty-three commercial broadcasting station licences got announced. 

730 CKDM wouldn’t come to Dauphin until 1951 and started on 1230 KHz with 250 watts before moving to 1050 KHz with 1000 watts in 1956, and then in 1958 CKDM moved to 730 KHz where we have been ever since.