Internet speeds in Swan River got a big boost last week. Westman Communications Group invested more than $300,000 in network and plant enhancements in the community.

That means the company can now provide faster, more reliable internet speeds to residents of Swan River and the surrounding area. 

"We're finding that there is a growing demand for bandwidth in Swan River and we wanted to be proactive and make sure we meet that demand," said Dave Baxter, President, and CEO of Westman Communications Group. "We want to offer the highest speeds available and highest reliability as well for the future."

Swan River didn't approach WCG asking for the upgrade. The upgrades are still quite fresh. They were completed late last week. 

"We expect that we'll hear some positive comments about the internet experience," continued Baxter. 

Swan River is one of 34 communities that Westman Communications Group offers its services to. These types of upgrades are made to assure their customers have the best possible service.

"We're always on watch and making sure we make the investments in our network so that we remain the leader in offering high-speed, reliable speed to our customers," concluded Baxter. "We want to make sure our customers never feel let down with the quality of our services."

In 2015, WCG brought its services to Swan River and the internet speeds were at least 50% faster than those offered by other providers in the area.