Rogers Hometown Hockey has come and gone and Dauphin Mayor Allan Dowhan says it couldn’t have gone better.

“It was beyond my expectations, just a great event for our community,” said Dowhan. “Our youth became engaged in the process and the adults too. It was just beyond my expectations of what Rogers would come here with. I never realized it was so big, but it was big.”

The mayor added that the Rogers and Sportsnet crews did a great job at highlighting what Dauphin was all about.

“The hockey broadcast last night was just amazing, they just captured everything on Dauphin,” said Dowhan. “The announcer asked all the Manitoban to talk about Dauphin, and then at the end, all the Dauphin Kings were on Sportsnet. Everything was so great and it will be a memorable experience for our community, and especially the youth.”

Dowhan sees the national attention on Dauphin giving a boost to tourist traffic in the city, especially after host Ron MacLean held up a Countryfest t-shirt during the broadcast.

The mayor said his favourite part of the weekend was receiving a jersey, signed by Ron MacLean and Tara Slone, to be hung up at Credit Union Place, as well as the skills competitions at the festival.