After bad weather cancelled some events at Hoof ‘n’ Holler Days, they’ve decided to donate 5000 dollars to community groups and organizations.

Ashley Hopfner, president of the Ste. Rose Hoof ‘n’ Holler committee, says it feels good to give back to the community.

“The community’s always very, very generous towards us, businesses, and people. We get so much for sponsorship and our attendance has been fantastic over the years. It’s fantastic to give back.”

They’re using the money they saved when events had to be cancelled from bad weather in October.

Hoof ‘N’ Holler based the amounts on what each group needed at the time.

“For example the schools outdoor volleyball nets were $600 so we paid that in full, we are giving $1000 to the fire department as they are a well-used resource and fire chief Daryl Vandenbosch is always extremely supportive of our organization and is there to help us anyway we need not only during the long weekend but the weeks leading up to our event. Another big one we donated to was the Dr Gendreau Personal Care Homes hallway beautification project, we gave them $1000 towards that. The project is aimed at making residents doors more unique and recognizable. In total there will be 11 non-profit organizations receiving donations from us, some are larger some are smaller but we believe they will all have the same impact for the groups.”

The other groups receiving donations are the Ste. Rose skating club for their Santa Skate Party, turkeys have been donated to both Laurier and Ste. Rose schools, the Horseman’s Association, the Grotto Committee, they’re sponsoring some public skating at the rink, the food bank, Charlie brown daycare, and minor hockey for a power skating clinic.